Natural Stone Slabs for GTA Kitchen Countertops

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Natural Stone Slabs in the GTA

Natural stone slabs for kitchen countertops give GTA homes value and beauty. Learn more about sourcing stone from a stone importer.
There are various ways to find some of the best natural stone slabs in the GTA. Most homeowners who need stone slabs are looking for marble or granite for use as countertops. If you are looking for quality stone for a countertop, chances are that you have a contractor and/or a fabricator working on your reno or your new home. These professionals should have some suggestions on where to source countertop stone. If you want to explore a number of options, an internet search can help you widen your selection. There are some criteria to consider when choosing a stone supplier, including:
  • Experience. You will want to select a stone importer-distributor who has a great deal of experience and knowledge. Look for a company that’s been in business for many years, and that has a good track record. If you don’t know a friend, family member, co-worker, or neighbour who has used the company, ask staff to provide you with a former client who could attest to the quality of their stone and service.
  • Independence. Large hardware chains may charge slightly less for stone, but chances are the quality of the granite or marble is sub-par, or corners have been cut during the processing. In addition, the selections of stone from larger enterprises tend to lack variety. Smaller independent importers often have personal relationships stretching back decades with people at various quarries around the world. They may travel to inspect where their stone comes from and how it’s processed. Fine smaller stone importers are experts in the marble and granite slabs they sell, and can answer any questions you may have about the stone’s origin and how it is quarried and finished.
  • Selection. Obviously, a stone importer with a large inventory offers you more selection. The best companies maintain a large showroom where you can go see various slabs and find out more about natural stone. When you visit, make sure that the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, that the staff can answer any questions you have, and that there is an infrastructure in place for paperwork and delivery. Most stone suppliers don’t sell slab directly to homeowners; instead, they will "tag” your slab and notify your fabricator so that he/she can order it.
  • Price. Marble and granite slab countertops are high-end choices, so they require a larger initial investment than most materials. However, beautiful natural stone elements add a great deal of resale value to your home. For that reason, it’s important to select a quality slab, rather than opting for the least expensive piece of stone. Bear in mind that each stone slab is unique – a natural work of art. Choose a slab that will be a centerpiece for your kitchen and a natural hub for your home.

Making Choices

Once you’ve selected a stone supplier, you will need to make more choices! Granite or marble? A neutral shade or a vivid colour? Subtle patterning, or a bold statement? A good stone importer can help you with all of these decisions.
Visit a stone importer’s showroom today, and discover the natural beauty of stone.